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Letter to Parents

Welcome to another exciting year of Lacrosse!  We  are all looking forward to a fun filled season. Here are a few tips that will help make the season enjoyable and rewarding:

Objectives for this Season

The main objectives at this age level are:

1.That the players learn good sportsmanship

2.That the players learn the fundamentals of the game of lacrosse

3.That the players learn the value of team work and commitment

4.Most of all that the players have FUN

Character building, Sportsmanship, and learning the fundamentals will be stressed throughout the season. Our main goal is to have all the players want to come back and play again next year.


The coaches are primarily volunteers and the lifeblood of our youth organization.  They will teach the players the fundamentals, sportsmanship, and team building.  The goal of each coach is to teach the children to enjoy the game of lacrosse.




ALL Lacrosse Referees ARE CERTIFIED and PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED. It is quite difficult for referees to see everything on the field, they will miss things. Whatever happens, the referees should not be verbally harassed by the players, coaches or spectators. Such harassment sets a bad example for the players.


I encourage every parent to review the Code of Conduct it is extremely important for coaches, parents and children to conduct themselves in a way that honors the game. 



ALL players must wear ALL of their protective equipment at all times.

Players are encouraged to play the game by honoring the spirit of all rules.


We all know how families get busy, schedules fill up and at times you may encounter scheduling conflicts. However, please make every effort to bring your son or daughter to every game and practice.  Practice is where the kids get better games are where they showcase the skills they've learned.


Remember it's only a game

Feel free to talk to the coaches if you don't understand something. Sometimes a brief chat with a coach can avoid any potential misunderstandings, ill feelings, etc. CHEER LOUDLY for your players. They appreciate the encouragement. Most of all remember they are only children and need you to be positive and affirming.


See you on the field!!

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